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Where it all started

getting Bak'd

I guess it runs in the family.  From my grandmother to my mother, I will always cherish the sweet smells that emanated from our holiday baking time together. From rolling dough, to melting chocolate, my memories were formed by taste, smell and texture.  


Throughout my career in Marketing, the desire to bake and share my sweet creations filled my spare time.

In 2000, what started out simply as a thoughtful gesture to thank my children's teachers for all they do, soon evolved into an annual, then semi-annual gift giving.  As word of mouth spread about my cookies, I was baking often enough to make me realize it is time to fulfill my passion as a career.


So I got Mapaq certified and invested in Bak’d by Mona Cookies Inc.


My purpose for Bak’d by Mona, is to delight with taste and quality. My devoted clients can attest to that! 

Thank you for your trust and for building this company with me. Feast with your eyes as well as your palate and know that your order is Bak’d by Mona.

Curated for taste. Enjoyed with passion. Bak’d by Mona.

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